Activities at our bio-dynamic centre

In the heart of Scarborough is our HQ - this is the focal point of most activities which include: 

  • Numerous worm farm stations - composting restaurant & community kitchen waste, converting this to precious life-sustaining compost! 
  • Composting garden waste - leaves, grass and soft compostables. Our goal is to get our hands on a chipper so we can process woody garden materials and convert biomass into compost & mulch.
  • Dog poo worm-bins - we also have numerous doggy poo bins around the village and on main beach 
  • Eco-bricking & Ocean eco-bricking - stations set up on the beach to collect micro-plastics
  • Rain water harvesting & education around rain water harvesting
  • No-poison Awareness - we advocate natural solutions and encourage natural predators in a balanced eco-system with the installation of bat homes & owl shelters as well manual  weed and alien vegetation clearing. 
  • The planting and adoption of trees & indigenous plants seedling nursery
  • Pollinator awareness 
  • The biocentre also houses a recycle depot, community book exchange, glass jar exchange, food gardening and community feeding boxes. 

Worm Farming Kitchen Waste, reducing our impact on landfill & sequestering carbon in the process!

Eco-brick station

The spotted eagle owl is one of many nocturnal residents we share our village with. Other nocturnal inhabitants include caracal, baboons & porcupines.

Dog-poo worm farming on Scarborough Main Beach

#sharetheshores monitoring of coastal nesting birds - 

By simply being aware and making easy changes whilst on the Table Mountain National Parks' Scarborough Beach, we can ensure birds such as the endangered black oystercatcher and white fronted plover have a safe future ahead.
 Tips to #ShareTheShores - heads up for signboards, walk around roped off protected nesting areas.
- keep dogs in control specially close to the nesting areas .
- walk on the wet sands.
- leave dunes/vegetation in peace that’s where plovers nest and chicks 🐥 hide.
- pick up litter and Microplastics ( Ecobricking ) birds and other wildlife get entangled, injured and sick from litter and human food

Endangered black oystercatcher - 2019 was our first year of observation. We observed 3 nests, each with 2 chicks. One family pulled through with both chicks fledging, the other 2 families had 1 chick fledge respectively. The younger, weaker siblings died within the first week of hatching. 

The Butt Stops 

Trillions of cigarette butts are thrown into the environment every year, where they leach nicotine and heavy metals before turning into microplastic pollution.” We noticed an unusually high amount of cigarette butts littering Scarborough beach and parking lot & so devised a plan - Butt Bins! Each Butt bin takes thousands of Butts out of the environment, preventing them from leaching into the soil and micro plastics being taken out to sea.

Traffic-slow-down campaign
Whilst there's only one road leading into and out of our village, we are on the main tourist route to Cape Point. Following the deaths of wildlife and domestic animals, we launched a slow-down campaign that motivated authorities to add a stop street to the main road. Please obey the speed limit and be aware of our children, domestic animals and wildlife when you pass through our village!

Residents & Visitors Awareness Campaign

In our efforts to live in harmony with nature, we aim to create  #awehness ❤ of the following  - 

@ home

❤ embrace zero waste & use the  biodynamic center 
❤ consider nocturnal wildlife, switch off lights at night, dark sky village
❤ no poison ever, we love our owls
❤ be water wise, plant indigenous 
❤ be aware of your cats & dogs & their impact on wildlife
❤caracals rule at night, keep your cats indoors 
❤ #sharethespace, respect baboons & wildlife

@ our beaches #ShareTheShores 

🐚 safe zones created for nesting birds &  Cape Clawless otters
🐚 No drone Zone 
🐚 Dogs under control please 
🐚 Dune rehabilitation, stay clear of rehabilitation zones
🐚 Be aware of our sensitive milkwood forest 
🐚 #sharetheload pick up plastic, microplastic, dog poop and cigarette butts