About Us

Scarborough Environmental Group is a non-profit organisation comprising of like-minded individuals who support the vision to preserve Scarborough and maintain the Scarborough environment in its natural pristine state.

Scarborough comprises a unique environment surrounded by the Table Mountain National Park and bordering on a World Heritage site.  The SEG aims to act as custodians of this unique environment worth preserving for present and future generations.

The SEG is an open, public organisation, and we welcome any dedicated residents, visitors, nature lovers to join and help secure Scarborough as a piece of unspoilt paradise.

Our Motivation

Scarborough Environmental Group is actively seeking solutions to reduce our environmental impacts, share this knowledge with our community and encourage fellow eco-warriors to live more lightly and less violently on our planet.

scarborought eco village

 Our Goals

• Establish a herb garden 
• Develop educational walks
• Branch out and connect with our neighbours
• Build more partnerships (example Green Pop)
• Host and create more events to create awareness and to educate
• Increase Airbnb/visitors awareness
• Carry on with alien tree clearing
• Wetland protection
• Beautify both entrances to the village
• Continue dune rehabilitation
• Sort out toilet at beach
• Take educational projects to the next level
• More art in the village
• Adopt a verge movement
• Re-establish a lift club
• Increase the number of events at the centre (exemple clothing exchange)
• Establish a Tool share space
• Incorporate community centre into "the space"
• Grow more food

Financials 04/2022 - 03/2023

Please see our projected budget from 1 April 2022 - 31 March 2023.

Many thanks to all our supporters who have donated generously and supported our growth! Seeds continue to germinate and we are growing.

Please continue to support us - details of how to get involved on this page.


April 2022 to April 2023 budget allocation 
Account open balance R54,000

- Kudzie Bio Centre Support and Upkeep R19,200
- Alien Trees Clearing by Dusty R3,200
- 20 new indigenous trees plus compost R2,500
- Maintenance of the Bio Centre R7,000
- ShareTheShores R7,000
- Youth Eco Group R7,000
- Communications and Community Building R7,000

Forecast Expenditure R52,900
Bank balance R54,000