About Us

Scarborough Environmental Group is a non-profit organisation comprising of like-minded individuals who support the vision to preserve Scarborough and maintain the Scarborough environment in its natural pristine state.

Scarborough comprises a unique environment surrounded by the Table Mountain National Park and bordering on a World Heritage site.  The SEG aims to act as custodians of this unique environment worth preserving for present and future generations.

The SEG is an open, public organisation, and we welcome any dedicated residents, visitors, nature lovers to join and help secure Scarborough as a piece of unspoilt paradise

 Our Goals for 2020!

Install more water tanks for rain harvesting 
Open up new walking trails 
#awehness signage for airbnb visitors sharing information about our work & environmental issues ✔︎
Better communication 
More dog poop composting bins ✔︎
Create employment at the bio centre
Explore community electricity generation
Food garden/ food security 
Street cleanups & encourage residents to adopt a verge
Environmental education on our shores and fynbos vegetation 
🌳 Plant more trees 🌳
Education awareness around No drones on beach (SANPARKS regulation) ✔︎
Encourage youths involvement/ create youth eco group 
Celebrate & Awareness around World Environment Day 
Find a sustainable solution to the beach car park toilets 
Expand our reach on Instagram ✔︎
Create awareness for pet owners on their animals effect on wildlife (cats in at night/ dogs chasing wildlife) 
Improve eco brick system & expand on use 
🐝 Ongoing Wildlife awareness 🦎
Community centre & bio-centre vision/ 5 year plan
🐕 Ongoing dog poop cleanups 🦮
Establish north entrance fynbos garden
Explore creating a mobile office 
Investing in a chipper/ shredder to process woody offcuts 
Connect with volunteers from outside community 
Expand on #sharetheshores project, signage & communication for next breeding season
No Drone signage ✔︎
🐢 Caution tortoise signage ✔︎

Our Motivation

Scarborough Environmental Group is actively seeking solutions to reduce our environmental impacts, share this knowledge with our community and encourage fellow eco-warriors to live more lightly and less violently on our planet.

Financials 2020

Please click through to view our Income statement for the past financial year ending 30 September 2020. Many thanks to all our supporters who have donated generously and supported our growth! Seeds continue to germinate and we are growing! Please continue to support us - details of how to get involved on this page.

Our Goals for 2019!

• monthly Sunday gathering & 1-hour cleanup ✔︎
• volunteer Fridays 👊
• establish olive tree grove/ tree planting & nurturing 👊 
• establish more dog poo worm farming points around the village 👊
• establish 2 more organic kitchen waste worm farming 👊
• create more solitary bee homes ✔︎
• build owl boxes ✔︎
• build bat boxes ✔︎
• better signage for each station at the Biodynamic center 
• building materials recycling station ✔︎
• large storage container for clear recycling bags available around the village 
• awareness signage at main and mussel beach for our sensitive wildlife ✔︎
• main beach eco brick setup ✔︎
• Outdoor Environmental Education ( children and residents) ✔︎
• Awareness campaign for a healthy septic tank and bio sewage systems ( closed circuit ) 
• No Plastic! village awareness campaign 
• build eco brick benches tables etc 
• community chipper for gardens waste 
• waterless toilet awareness campaign 
• wooden apple crates for indigenous medicinal plants 
• small permaculture garden 
• indigenous nursery and plants swoop station 
• awareness campaign about poison , toxins in our village 
• awareness campaign about aliens vegetation 
• continuing alien clearing 👊
• walking path at Biodynamic center 👊